independent textile designers, Textile Designers, indie textile designers


Our classics collection was created from original watercolor paintings and sketches, and inspired by a love of nature and florals, as well as travels abroad. Our heritage ground cloths are sourced from one of the oldest linen mills in Belgium, and our textiles are printed in small batches in the United States.


independent textile designers, Textile Designers, indie textile designers


“I’ve been painting and designing for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mother was a graphic designer who ran her own floral design company on the weekends. I remember many late nights spent painting and drawing on the floor in her studio. My father also loved plants and grew the most wonderful garden. During the summers, my Mom would send me to art camps, where I’d spend a few weeks focusing on drawing or oil painting. From an early age I knew that I had this need in me to create beautiful things.

I went on to attend Florida State University, and gradated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design with a concentration in art and architectural history. After graduation, I worked in hotel and restaurant design before transitioning my focus to residential design. I continued to love painting and spent time developing as an artist after work and on the weekends.

In 2014 I discovered watercolor painting and absolutely fell in love with it. I knew at that point that I wanted more from my artwork than just an after-hours hobby. For most of my life I’ve tried to keep separate my two worlds of interiors and art. However, I often find myself at the intersection of art and design.

My career and my passion for travel and exploration has carried me from Florida to Chicago, New York, and Paris, and now finally back home to the south. I currently live in Atlanta, with my husband Phil and our bright orange cat Sebastian.”